Mount Morgan Self Guided Tour Book


This book takes you on a guided tour through historic Mount Morgan. All of the interesting sites are covered.


Take a self guided tour of Mount Morgan.This tour will take you on a step back in time to Mount Morgan’s golden

This tour will take you on a step back in time to Mount Morgan’s golden age, when it was a bustling gold mining town of approximately 13000 people, from many different walks of life.  You will see and read about the old historic buildings that still stand as well as some other interesting monuments that represent the town’s history.  This book doesn’t contain all of Mount Morgan’s past, only the history of the remnants that can still be seen today.

Here is an exerpt from the book:

5 The No 7 Dam – The Big Dam

Built between 1899 and 1900.  The dam was completed just as Queensland’s worst drought started and did not fill until May 1904, but saved the mine from water shortage for the next 40 years.  In 1906 the dam wall was raised to give the capacity of 260 000 000 gallons.  Since the implementation of the towns water scheme in 1954 the mine has taken its share of water and has only drawn on the Big Dam in times of drought.  In 1990 when the mine ceased operations the Mount Morgan Shire Council obtained the water rights and has since used the water for domestic use.  In 1999 the dam wall was raised by another 4 m to increase the water storage capacity for times of drought.


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