How would you like to have good, quality horse feed in your paddocks all year around?

Drought proofing your property, isn’t that for large cattle properties?
Permaculture, isn’t that for hippies?
You need a Degree in Biology to understand how the soil works, right?

You don’t need to be a large cattle property owner or a biologist or permaculuralist to change your property for the better. Anyone in the pursuit of perfect pastures has to start somewhere. I am available to help you make changes for the betterment of your horse property. Creating a happier horse and a more sustainable property. I lay out a plan to improve your pastures and paddock management and give ongoing coaching. $250 plus travel. Or schedule a phone consult to get you started on your perfect pastures. You tell me what information you are after and I can guide you through the steps to start improving your land. Consults 1 hr +, $99

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What's involved?

Schedule An Appointment

Contact us via email or phone to arrange a scheduled time.

On The Day

We will arrive on-site to help develop a complete plan for improvement of your property and efficiency.

Ongoing Support

We can provide ongoing support in order to strive for continued growth and improvement of your lands.

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Do you do consultations for paddocks meant for animals other than horses?

Absolutely, our consultations suit any properties that suit any grazing animals, not just horses. Contact us in advance to see what we can do for your specific case.

How far can you travel for consultations?

We are able to do consultations Australia-wide!

Are you limited to consulting on properties of a certain size or type?

We can do consultations for properties from 1 acre to 1000 acres, and are able to adjust for all varied climates seen here in Australia.

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