How would you like to reduce your feed bills and regenerate your land?

Drought proofing your property, isn’t that for large cattle properties?
Permaculture, isn’t that for hippies?
You need a Degree in Biology to understand how the soil works, right?

You don’t need to be a large cattle property owner or a biologist or permaculturalist to change your property for the better. If you are in the pursuit of perfect pastures, I can help you get underway and it’s not as difficult as you might have imagined. The work required can also be tailored to suit your budget.

How can I help you improve your land? There are 3 options available:

Phone consult $99

Send in some photos of your property prior to the call so I can study them. Then I can make suggestions during the call. You tell me what your hurdles are and what areas you need help with and I can give advice and suggestions. This is a one-off consult with no follow-up research or mapping etc.

Paddock Consult $199

I come to your property and do a walk around with you to assess areas that can be improved or changed. This includes:

  • identifying grasses and suggestions on what can be planted to improve the species for your animals – horses, cattle or other hobby farm animals.
  • understand the weed process and assess weeds and how to manage them.
  • discuss fencing layouts and where swales or other earthworks can be used to slow the water on your property.
  • assess any erosion problems and how they can be addressed.
  • Plus I can offer advice on how to tackle each problem one at a time. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

This consult is a one-off visit with no follow-up services, but if you find value in my visit, as most people have, you can have the option of upgrading to the 3-month Consulting and coaching service.

Paddock consult with 3 months coaching $699

(or 5 fortnightly payments of $100 after a $199 deposit.)

This is my full-service product with ongoing coaching.

Firstly, I look your property on Google Earth to get an idea of its layout and boundaries and any nearby waterways etc.

Then we schedule a visit to your property* and we do a walk around (or drive, depending on the size) this is usually 2-3 hours. During this time you will get information overload! Some of the things I look at are:

  • Grass and weeds identification.
  • How to re-seed and improve your grass species and how to understand and manage weeds.
  • Fencing layout and splitting your land up into paddock sizes best utilised for land improvement and the animals that you keep.
  • The layout of the land, swales, earthworks and any erosion problems, this includes ideas on how to slow the flow of water over your land.
  • How to repair your soil and start increasing carbon content.
  • Take “before” photos.

But wait, there’s more!

In the weeks and months after the property visit I follow up on:

  • Grass and weed identification, by doing the legwork around all the local establishments.
  • Provide a list of recommended grasses and forages for your particular animals and land type.
  • Provide some seeds to get you started on soil improvement (Pigeon Pea and Miracle tree)
  • Create fence mapping options to suit your animals and existing infrastructure, taking into account your budget and timeframe. This will also include how many metres of fencing you need. A link to Google Earth Pro is provided for you to make adjustments to the plan as needed. I will also supply a workbook on how to use GEP.
  • Provide a plan on what to work on and the timeframes.
  • Send emails with links to subject matter relevant to your property and animals, provide you with a copy of my eBook Ten Steps to Horse Utopia – Paddock management made easy.
  • Provide a copy of my workshop presentation; this covers most of the topics we would have discussed during the paddock walk.
  • Email my catalogue of pictures of grasses, plus a folder of weed pictures.
  • Follow up on any subject matter relevant to particular problems on your property.
  • Provide instruction on how to map your contours (and where to hire equipment)
  • Furthermore, I am available by phone or email to answer any questions while you are starting your paddock management journey. If I am unable to answer, I will research and get back to you.
  • Composting techniques
  • Dung beetle information sheet
  • Cell/rotational grazing information
  • Finally, make a return visit* close to the 3-month mark to assess the progress and offer more advice and take progress photos.

* travel charges extra for property visits.


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What's involved?

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On The Day

We will arrive on-site to help develop a complete plan for improvement of your property and efficiency.

Ongoing Support

We can provide ongoing support in order to strive for continued growth and improvement of your lands.

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Do you do consultations for paddocks meant for animals other than horses?

Absolutely, our consultations suit any properties that suit any grazing animals, not just horses. Contact us in advance to see what we can do for your specific case.

How far can you travel for consultations?

We are able to do consultations Australia-wide!

Are you limited to consulting on properties of a certain size or type?

We can do consultations for properties from 1 acre to 1000 acres, and are able to adjust for all varied climates seen here in Australia.

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