The Horse Vital Signs mini-course is available to be presented at your horse event or club for a fee of $88*. Therefore, it's a great opportunity to give your members' great value! These skills are invaluable when you own a horse and may one day save a life! This session will teach you how to take horse vital signs, assisting you in making an informed decision on whether you need to call the vet and help the vet decide how urgent your call is. * plus travel

The information-packed session runs for about an hour including question time.

Learn how to:

  • Observe for signs that your horse is unwell
  • Take the heart rate
  • Take the temperature
  • Take the respiration rate
  • Observe for membrane colour
  • Observe for dehydration
  • Observe for capillary refill time
  • Personal protective equipment needed

Instructional video course is available in the courses tab!

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Horse Health Care Pack

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  • Observe for signs that your horse is unwell
  • Contains equipment needed to monitor your horse’s vital signs

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What's involved?

Schedule An Appointment

Contact us via email or phone to arrange a scheduled time.

On The Day

We will arrive on-site or set up a conference via phone or skype to deliver our informative session.

Provide Feedback

Be sure to send us feedback on the session. We are always striving to improve ourselves.

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Is there a limit on the number of people attending a session?

While a comfortable number of attendees depend on each different club or class that we present to, there's no set limit. Feel free to contact us in advance to check for your specific case.

How far can you travel for sessions?

We are able to provide our information sessions Australia-wide!

Do we need to provide you anything for the session?

Typically, nothing will be required as we will bring anything that we need to assist us with presenting the session. If there's any special arrangements, we will be sure to have discussed these in advance.

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