Horse Movement Record Instructions.

Download and try this app for free! Once you realise how easy this will make your record keeping, you can purchase a block of Movement Records under the Profile tab using In App Purchases, there are two purchase options available. Please note that purchased movements aren’t transferrable to another device. The app isn’t web based, so you are not able to sign in on different devices to use your movements, only the device you have purchased the movements on.

This app enables you to create a movement record with all of the information required by Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and Biosecurity Qld.
The resulting form can be emailed directly from the app to your email address and/or any address in your contact list. You can keep a copy for your records and forward a copy to the property you are visiting. Internet access is not required to use the app or create your form. If there is no internet access you can choose to email the forms later. By emailing your forms to yourself will ensure you have a back up copy.


Once you have downloaded your new app, you are directed to fill out your profile, including your name, address, Property Identification Code (PIC), email and phone number. Registered Biosecurity Entity (RBE) may only be required by people who own horses but do not live on the same property as the horses. In the future DAF may be assigning each horse owner their personal RBE. You can call your property a name or simply Home. This is how it will appear in the Locations screen. Movement Purchases are available under the Profile tab.


Enter Horse details. Add as many horses as you need. Enter either just your horse’s paddock name or its registered name and paddock name. Breed and sex is required as is one of the four following: microchip, brand, colour or markings. Species is only required if it is a donkey.


Enter regularly visited destinations, for example your vet, horse trainer, show grounds, mustering property or events that you regularly attend. Name of the business/property/event, contact person, address and phone number are mandatory fields. PIC isn’t mandatory to complete the form, but it is for Biosecurity Qld. Sometime in the future the Department of Agriculture and fisheries are going to release a PIC search website.

Crossing the tick line

If you cross the tick line regularly or occasionally, this app makes keeping your paperwork in order a breeze. When you create a new movement you have an option at the bottom of the screen to select “Crossing the tick line?”. Once selected you are taken to the next screen. This screen gives you some basic details and 3 options to choose from. You are prompted to enter the information required for each option. Currently, Biosecurity Qld only requires the Supervised chemical treatment to be done if you are crossing the border to another state. To cross the tick line within Qld you only need to declare that your Low Risk Carrier is tick free by conducting a manual inspection, instructions can be found on the DAF website. You must be able to produce this declaration if asked at the tick line crossing points. If you are crossing the state border there is another tab you can select to enter registration details and approximate time of crossing. This information is also required to be kept as per Biosecurity regulations.

New Movement and Open Movements

A New Movement can then be created. Multiple horses can be selected for the same destination on the same day. A Return button at the bottom of the page can be selected if the horses are returning to the same Origin no matter what day. This document is stored in the Open Movements tab until you are ready to return.
Horses can be deselected in the Open Movements tab if they are not all returning. If there are horses still remaining in the Open Movement tab they can still be returned on another date, or the Open Movement can be deleted.


This is a record of all of your completed forms, filed in order that they were moved in each month. Please ensure you have backed up your phone or have copies stored elsewhere. If you delete the app these will be deleted as well.

Other Species

This app can also be used to create movement records for the following animals as required by DAF. In the Horse details tab, create a description of the group of animals. Instead of Name enter Cattle. Breed – Brahman. Under Microchip you can enter the PIC shown on any approved device that does not include a microchip that is fitted to the animal. Brand, Colour – description of group. Under Markings you can enter other descriptions and Species enter Bovine.

The registered biosecurity entity (RBE) keeping the animal must ensure that a movement record is created before the animal can be moved. A movement record can be completed in hard copy or electronically and must include the following details:

  • name of person completing the record
  • where the animal(s) are being moved from
  • where the animal(s) are being moved to and the name and address of the person receiving the animal
  • the date of movement
  • species and breed of animal being moved
  • description of the animal or group of animals.

A copy of the completed movement record must accompany the following animal(s) being moved:

  • cattle
  • sheep
  • goats
  • pigs
  • bison
  • buffalo
  • alpacas
  • llamas

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