HD drone photography of rural properties for any purpose including:

  • Rural real estate
  • Paddock management
  • Property layout
  • or just for fun!


$150 for the first 1/2hr, then $80 per hour, charged in 1/2 hr increments.
Images available online or on USB drive.
Short edited videos are also available at extra cost.

Travel Costs

Based in Mount Morgan.

  • Up to 50km - $25
  • Between 50-80km - $45
  • Between 80-110km - $65
  • Between 110-140km - $85
  • Between 140-170km - $105

For anything outside of these, please request a quote by contacting us or ringing.

This service is not available within city/town limits and is dependant on weather. Please book ahead to allow for inclement weather. Current total flight time, 40 min.

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What's involved?

Schedule An Appointment

Contact us via email or phone to arrange a scheduled time.

On The Day

We will arrive to the arranged site and capture the aerial shots or videos as you've requested.

Get Your Media Files

We can provide the media of your drone session in person with a USB storage key, or by providing you with a download link over the internet.

Want To Schedule A Session? Contact Us Today


How high can the drone travel?

We're permitted to go 120m straight up in the air. While the drone might be able to travel beyond this point, we're restricted from going beyond that point by law.

How far away can it fly in one direction?

The drone is able to travel up to 500m away from where we control it, and must also stay within line-of-sight.

Can I have multiple sessions if I wait for the batteries to charge?

We can use up to two batteries before not being able to go any further until charging is complete on the first battery again. This can take approximately another hour or so, however multi-session appointments do have additional charges. Please contact us in advance if you wish to arrange something like this.

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