How to take Horse Vital Signs

This course will teach you how to take vital signs of your horse. It covers heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, gut sounds, capillary refill and listening to the lung sounds and dehydration.The course includes written and visual instructions of each procedure.Course time 30 minutes 

Instructed by: Jane Stephens . in:

Course Description

Being able to take your horse observations, helps you decide if you need to call your veterinarian or if you can monitor your horse at home. If you are a fair distance from your veterinarian, and you can provide these observations over the phone, this can help them decide the urgency of your call.
You will learn the reference ranges for heart rate, temperature and respiration rate.
How to take the observations of the horse.
The tools you needs to perform the observations.
Positions you need to be in to keep yourself safe.
The course includes written and video content and is easy to follow.

Total course time 30 minutes.



  • Introduction
      • Why do you need these skills?
  • Equipment
    • Equipment
      • Equipment needed
      • Video - Removing gloves
      • Stethoscope
      • Video - Using a dual head stethoscope
      • Thermometers
      • Video - Glass thermometer
      • Video - Cleaning thermometers
    • Know your horse
      • Know your horse
  • Heart rate
      • Heart rate locations
    • Taking the heart rate
      • Taking the Heart rate
      • Video - Taking the heart rate in correct position
      • Heart rate quiz
  • Temperature
    • Temperature
      • Taking the temperature
      • Video - Cleaning your thermometer
      • Video - Shake it down
      • Video - Taking the horse's temperature
      • Temperature quiz
      • Temperature quiz two
  • Respiration rate and lung sounds
      • Respiration rate
      • Video - How to count respirations and where to listen to lungs.
      • Respiration rate quiz
    • Lung sounds
      • Lung sounds
  • Mucous membrane colour and CRT
    • Mucous membrane colour
      • Checking mucous membrane colouor
      • Membrane colour quiz
    • Capillary refill time
      • Capillary refill time
      • Video - Checking capillary refill time
  • Gut sounds
    • Listening to gut sounds
      • Gut sounds
      • Video - Gut sounds
      • Gut sounds quiz
  • Hydration
    • Hydrated?
      • Hydration
      • Video - Hydrated or dehydrated?
      • Hydration
  • Personal protective equipment

About Instructor

Cert III in Equine Nursing Cert IV in Small Business Management


How to take Horse Vital Signs

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