Horse Utopia Services

Paddock consults in Central Queensland

$190 plus travel
I am available to help you make changes for the betterment of your horse property.  Creating a happier horse and a more sustainable property. I lay out a plan to improve your pastures and paddock management and give ongoing advice.

Paddock management services

Paddock Management Information Sessions

This session takes about an hour and can be customised.

Learn how to set up your paddock for horses or hobby farm animals to make the most of your pasture. Learn how to manage water and weeds.

Ebook Paddock Management Made Easy

Ten Steps to Horse Utopia – Paddock Management Made Easy.
This ultimate guide contains everything you could want to know about managing horse paddocks from scratch, from design to implementation.

Horse Movement Record App

Moving horses in Queensland now requires a Movement Record to be created.
This app creates your personalised movement record that meets Biosecurity specifications.
Download it on the App store. Android coming soon!

How to take Horse Vital Signs

The information packed session runs for about an hour and teaches the horse owner how to take vital signs. These observations will help you decide if you need a vet. Instructional video course coming soon!

Horse Health Care Kit

$35 plus postage. All in one kit including instruments and personal protective equipment needed to take your horse’s temperature, heart rate and other critical observations.

Equine Photography

Horse Sale photos $50 per 15 minutes
Stud photography

Podcast Hey Red, Yes Jane?

This podcast is a series of conversations about different aspects of the horse world!

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